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  • VW load cells L4000 VW load cells L4000

VW load cells L4000

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Mã sản phẩm L4000

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V.W Load Cell

V.W. Load Cell is designed to measure load working on earth anchor.

Operating principle

V.W. Load Cell is slightly strained once load is given to a cylinder cell. At this time, a magnetic coil perceives changes in the frequency of vibrating steel wire, which is transmitted to a frequency meter and then, indicated in a particular unit. It is calculated in load by the given gage factor, and used.


V.W. Load Cell is composed of a cylinder cell, vibrating steel wire, a magnetic coil, a temperature sensor, and a plate. The vibrating steel wire is mounted in the cylinder cell, divided into three equal parts.


Rated Capacities Customized for 100~150 tons, 200 tons or higher
Over Range Capacity 150% F.S
Sensitivity ±0.025%
Accuracy ±0.025% to ±0.5%
Temperature Range -20℃ ~ +80℃

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