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VW Read out ACE-800

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Model ACE-800 is VW readout unit that pursues mobile convenience and designed as palm style for vibrating wire sensor output only.
The ACE-800 applied for using 4 membrane keys such as On, Off, Mode, Select even beginners can operate very easily and applied large scale LCD, that is used for acme mobile phone technology, for easy reading and customers can read mode, battery residual capacity indicator, thermistor temperature and selected frequency unit at same time to measure at ease. Also it applied backlight function for nighttime job at sites.
The ACE-800 applying selection functions for engineering unit of frequency and sweep band. It applying automatic circuit breaker that off the unit after 500 times reading (it takes around 15 minutes) to increase effectively battery lifetime and using time. It is able to using ACE-800 for 40 hours continuously per one time recharging by applying Nickel- Hydrogen rechargeable battery.


Reliance of high analysis and high accuracy

Able to use at high/low temperature (LCD light contrast) 40 hours continuous measurement (Ni-MH battery) Large LCD for easy reading

World smallest palm style

Battery residual capacity indicator

No malfunction by using membrane keys Recharging level indicator (LED indicator) Leather case


On-Off function Turn the unit on/off

Automatic power saving

Turnedoffautomaticallyforpowersavingafter500times reading




Turnthebacklighton/offLCDscreen,controllingfrequency band sweep) / units / contrast


Applying for night time job at easy LCD light contrast

For summer / winter and tropical regions / polar regions Rechargeable

Using 40 hours by 1 time charging (Ni-MH rechargeable battery)


This has not the shield circuit, which can absorb the electrical noise. If you use this at the site where the electrical noise occurred too much (there is a water, motor and electric welding.), the output of sensor unstable due to the influence of noise. In this case, use our logger ACE- 1000; for expert of geotechnical monitoring


Model                    ACE-800

Applied sensor            Vibrating wire sensor

Frequency range         450   6,000

Displayed units            sec, 10, 0.391, 0.7756,  3.304,     4.062

Resolution                   0.01%FSR(0.1)

Accuracy                    0.02% FSR(0.1) 

Operating temperature       -20  50

Temperature sensor          Thermistor(3k   )

Temperature resolution      0.1

Display  128   64 graphic LCD

Functions keyboard   4 membrane keys pad

Power   4.8VDC / rechargeable Ni-MH battery

Recharging part 7.5VDC / 1000mA(free volt) adaptor 

Battery life                    About 40 hrs continuous

Dimensions                 114   72   30

Weight                           0.25kg

Material of case         ABS plastic injection, Jumper cable

Accessories                      Rechargeable adaptor Leather case

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