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VW Read out ACE-1000

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Model ACE-1000 VW Data recorder of our company is designed with law current of charge circuit of 6 VDC so that it can measure VW sensor that is generating frequency.
VW data recorder, it can be operated with just 6 of membrane keys so that a beginner can use easily.
To improve conspicuousness, it adapted 256 128 large graphic LCD that information related with measurement is displayed. So, it is easy to use at job-site at night as backlight loaded in it.
It shows for VW sensor’s basic unit and selected sweep band on large graphic LCD screen. Also it marks lower unit of
, current time, remained battery, selected temperature sensor between the thermistor and RTD temperature sensor. ACE-1000, it can be saving 2,000 of measured values about 127 data sets, and the data can be transmitting by computer and RS-232 communication. So it is very useful in a large job- site and the software applied in Windows has alignment function that optional alignment of sensor by the IDs, dates and times is possible. As well, capability and quality are superior to any existing loggers.

It has select function of engineering unit and select function of sweep band as well that it can be connected with any VW sensor from all the companies.

Of the 6 keys, select key is to select frequency band and to select display unit.
It automatically raptures the power by 10 minutes (up to 60 minutes) to prolong battery’s life span more efficiently. And it is loaded with up-to-date of Ni-MH rechargeable battery that you can measure for 30 hours continuously. Another main function is that it can control contrast that you can get an accurate measurement in both hot and cold regions.
We used ABS case of impulse endurance that you can use it in any unfavorable condition because it is dealt with moisture and waterproof.


Waterproof, moisture proof, impulse endures and portable type

High resolution and high accuracy of reliance Possible to use at a low temperature

Possible to measure at night by backlight function Function for adjusting resolution

Automatic power shutoff function

Charge checking function (LED for indicating charge)


On-Off function

Auto power break function

Unit shift function

It is function with which you can select indicated unit and you can choose one of (frequency), sec (period), 103 (high sensitive frequency), 4 of (microstrain),
Thermistor , RTD . Band shift function
It is a function that selects width of band of frequency, here are 4 widths of band ; 0.45 1.2, 0.8 2.0, 1.4 3.5,
2,4 6.0k

Battery recharging function

Measured data transmission function
The measured data can be transmitting by computer and RS-232 communication.

Data saving function
You can save the measured data in the memory.

Data deletion function
You can transmit the saved data in computer and then delete the saved data.

Battery indicating function
LCD indicates the battery capacity.

Menu select function
You can select item about system information and measurement in establishment spot.

Contrast of LCD control function


Model                                        ACE-1000

Applied sensor                            Vibrating wire sensor

Frequency range                          450 6,000

Displayed units                            Hz,103Hz2, μsec, oC, με0.3911, με0.7756, με3.304, με4.062,

Resolution                                   0.01% FSR(0.1 )

Accuracy                                     0.02% FSR(0.1 )

Operating temperature                 -20 ÷ 50 oC

Communication port                      RS-232 port

Temperature sensor                      Thermistor(3kΩ ), RTD(2kΩ )

Temperature resolution                 0.1 oC

Display                                        256x128 graphic LCD

Keyboard                                     Membrane key & 6 function keys pad

Data capacity                               2,000 data points distributed in maximum of 127 data sets.

Power                                          4.8VDC/rechargeable Ni-MH battery

Battery life                                   30 hours

Dimensions                                  234x97x114mm

Weight                                        1.5kg

Material of case                            ABS plastic case

                                                  Jumper cable

Accessories                                 Rechargeable adaptor

                                                  RS-232 cable                                   

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